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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Signs and wonders [ Mark 8 v21 ]

Donald English writing of the disciples and the occasion when Jesus told them to watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod[Mark 8 v15].Yeast is usually seen as an image for that which is evil  [Lev 2v11;1 Cor 5 v6-8;Gal5v 9]Donald English writes that Jesus is warning them against falling into the Pharisees' mistake of needing incontrovertible proof about who he was[Mk8v1],or of Herod in refusing to follow the light he had
and authorizing the death of John the Baptist [Mk 6 v14-29 ].I remember a
person who I worked with saying that she had asked Jesus to be her Saviour, but nothing happened, no tingling feeling down her back, so that was that, nothing had happening. The disciples only thought Jesus was talking about bread for their next meal. D E, writes,'' the disciples have not yet got their eyes off ground level. The one group is demanding far too  much; the other expecting too little''. A life or faith based on signs and wonders will surely be disappointed, I am not ruling these out, but, I know our call to follow Jesus is one of faith in Him,  not in signs and wonders,

                                          A  prayer.
Dear Saviour help us to look to you alone ,not in signs and wonder ,or even feelings Amen.

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