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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Are you weary? [ Matthew 11 v28-29]

I have just come in from my daily walk, and I do feel a bit weary, it reminds me of when I attended Bible college. I used to cycle there each day, when I arrived there in the morning I sink into a chair as we gathered for a time of devotion, wacked out, and the words of a hymn came to mind, 'oh to lie for
ever here'. There is a lot of energy in the world, but one senses a great deal  of weariness ,the news adds to it, the suffering of so many weary us. Bringing up a family wearies us,  so I could go, but I wont, I do not want to weary you anymore.

                          Is your burden heavy as you bear it all alone?
                          Does the road you travel harbour danger yet unknown?
                          Are you growing weary in the struggle of it all?
                          Jesus will help you when on His name you call.

                          He is always there ,hearing every prayer,
                          faithful and true;
                          Walking by our side, in His love we hide,
                          all the day through.
                          When you get discouraged just remember
                          what to do,
                          Reach out to Jesus, He's reaching out to you.

                          Is the life you're living, filled with sorrow and despair?
                          Does the future press you with its worry and its care?
                          Are you tired and friendless, have you almost lost your way
                          Jesus will help you, when on His name  you call.
                                       [Words R. Carmichael ]

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