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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Maintain [Colossians 3 v1-4 ]

Dick Lucas writes,''The chief business of the Christian is to maintain his relationship with Christ .When this is  unsatisfactory ,the other relationships of life cannot succeed'' He goes on to say ''The Christian is,simply ,a man who has been granted a relationship with the exalted Christ at Gods right
hand.The relationship he is vigorously to pursue and develop by seeking the things above[Colossians 3 v1]''.While I believe in the sovereignty I must never forget that this never rules out my being responsible in all things,
especially in my maintaining an ongoing relationship with my God.
Contrary to what they say we must be heavenly minded,and heavenly focused.No relationship will last if we neglect it,be it marriage,or as a parent,neglect kills.I have 13 grandchildren,5 sons and their wives,we
remember their birthdays,and send them a card with a gift in it.In this simple act I am maintaining to some extent my relationship with my family.
So how are you maintaining your relationship with God?.
                         Take time to be holy,speak
                          oft with thy Lord.
                         Abide in Him always,and feed on
                         His word;
                         Make friends of Gods children,
                         help those who are weak;
                         Forgetting in nothing His blessing to seek.
                               [Words by W.D, Longstaff.]

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