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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Pray. [ Psalm 91 ]

There are so many situations in the world that  are beyond control,dictators who do what they want,and nobody appears able or willing stop them.Then there is ,and you can add a lot of other things,wars,and the suffering they cause.There are countries where many of the population go hungry,drought has ravaged these countries.One could go on and on,plus I have not mentioned,personal problems that you may be experiencing,so many things to cope with.As a Christian I am called not to ignore these things,but to respond,by the most important weapon we have, prayer.The old hymn speaks of taking everything to God in prayer,for only in God is their hope,only through God can these problems whatever they are, be solved. Time after time I read in Gods word ,how God hears and answer  prayer. Psalm 50 v15,tells us to call upon God in the day of trouble ,when we go to God in faith and in the name of Jesus,God will respond.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God we bring all things to you through your Son Jesus,in faith,Amen

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