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Monday, 12 September 2016

The only safe thing to do .[Galations 6 v11-16]

Dick Lucas writes,''The world cannot do without religion.But since it rejects the truth of Christ it must find its religion elsewhere.The  elemental spirits of the universe are glad to oblige: their leader considers himself the prince of this world,and therefore is happy to provide a religion that can seem to satisfy people while keeping them from God. the closer in language his
religion can be to the truth ,while yet being quite different,the better this wily prince is pleased.He has his emissaries as closely involved with established religious institutions as possible''Consider Islam believes in a virgin birth,and that Jesus is coming again,but they do not believe that Christ is the Son of God,and that He died on the cross.The cults speak of a Christ who is not a Biblical Christ,Gandhi honoured Jesus,but not as Saviour.I want to quote D.Lucas again,what he writes is very Important ''The only safety seems to lie in a faith which glories only in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.To trust Only in that cross for forgiveness of our sins,to know only Christ crucified as our message to the world,and daily take up our cross,is to live as those who no longer belong to the world,nor expect to be honoured by the world''.
                                Jesus keep me near the cross,
                                There a precious fountain,
                                Free to all,a healing stream,
                                Flows from Calv'ry's mountain.

                                In the cross ,in the cross,
                                Be my Glory ever;
                                Till my raptured soul shall find
                                 Rest beyond the river.
                                    [Words F.J. Crosby ]

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