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Friday, 9 September 2016

Hard toil.[ 2Timothy 2 v15] AV.

Dick Lucas in his book on Colossians,writes of those who were causing trouble in the church,of their dissatisfaction with scriptural patterns. ''He writes how as Christians we can begin to rebel against the hardness of the way.questioning the toil involved in Christian service,is there no better way
by which God would do His work among us?'' When C.T.Studd went to Africa,he prayed for the gift of tongues,so he would not have to learn the language.We all want short cuts,but it is not to be,in Psalm 81 v10,we read,
''open wide your mouth and I will fill it''. Good says someone, I don't have to prepare for my preaching engagements,not so the Word of God instructs us to study[2 Timothy 2 v15],which demands effort,and causes us to be weary.[Ecclesiastes 12 v12].While there are times I have had to preach without study,the general rule must be a giving oneself to study.A young man boasted how he rarely prepared for what he was going to preach,and an older wise brother who heard him preach,replied,'yes I thought so'.
                                         A prayer.
Dear God ,grant us grace to do what you call us to do,even though it will usually mean effort,in Jesus Name Amen.

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