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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Conscience. [ 1 Timothy 1 v 5 ]

Following on from yesterday,Eric Liddle is remembered as a man who followed his conscience.He refused to run on Sunday or as many call it
the Sabbath,and in doing so he forfeited a sure gold medal.Our conscience
is not a perfect guide  ,but often it would help many of us to follow are conscience.How many marriages would have saved if people had followed their conscience,this applies to so many things,Consider  how Joseph followed his conscience,by refusing to sleep with another mans wife,even though it cost him so much ,a period in prison.[Genesis 39 v6ff].Duncan Hamilton,writes,''In everything Lidell followed his conscience, choosing to do what was right because to do anything else, he felt,would sully the gift God had given him to run fast.''
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God let us learn from those who have acted wrongly,ignoring their
conscience,and paid the price,and let us follow in the footsteps of those  who have heeded their consciences,in Jesus name Amen.


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