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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

For the Glory. [John 21 v15-22]

'For the Glory',is the title of a recent publication,on the life of Eric Liddle,
a lovely man of God.He was a strict sabbatarian.When he went to partake
in the 1924 Olympics,he found himself faced with a dilemma,for he was to run in the 200meters,but refused to,as it was being held on the Sabbath.
So instead he ran in the 400 meters,and against  all expectations he not only won but also set a new world record.Eric was not only a great runner,but also a very good rugby player,he played for Scotland.He  gave up playing Rugby,because athletics was more important,but there came a moment when he gave up athletics ,for something more important,a call to serve God in China.Now there is nothing wrong with participating in sport,the question is what is of first importance?. We read of a rich man who came to Jesus,who was faced with the challenge ,by Jesus,as what was most important in his life,it turned out his riches took first place  [Matthew 19 v16ff].Now it is not wrong to have riches,but it is wrong for your riches to be first in ones life.The Jews rejected Christ because their religion was first in there lives,yes even religion can be a sin if it takes first place in our lives,Jesus says to all of us ,as He said to Peter,lovest thou me more than these?[John 21v15],what would you reply to that question?.
                                          A  prayer.
Dear Lord help us to see that You must be of first importance in our lives

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