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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Joint citizenship [Matthew 22 v 21 ]

He was a superstar of his day,admired by many,had his own fan club,he
lived at a time when amateurism was popular,in other words you performed
just for the love of it. His name was Eric Liddell,known as the flying Scots
man,he was actually born in China,and the Chinese claim him as theirs,and the one who won their first gold medal at the Paris Olympics. In a sense this may have been true,but in another sense he had a higher calling,that was to serve God in China,As Dungan Hamilton writes,Eric considered athletics as an addendum to his life,rather than his sole reason for living it.Like every Christian we have two citizenship's,one heavenly[Philippians 3 v20],the other earthly[Acts 16v37].Both are important, as a citizen of earth ,I should
 honour and obey,the laws of the country I live in,our Saviour never advocated rebellion,but to gave to those who rule the honour due to them then he added,and to give God the honour due to Him[  Matthew 22 v21].There was never a time that Eric did not carry both these truths out,he was a fine citizen of Scotland but he was above all a fine and devoted citizen of  Gods kingdom.
                                    A prayer.
Dear God and Father help us to be good citizens of the country we live in ,and citizens of Heaven, in Jesus name Amen .

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