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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

All of them [Galations 5 v22-23 ]

I read these words the following,''The incorruptible beauty of  a gentle and quite spirit.[1 Peter 3v4]''.There is so much noise in the world,there is a saying that goes about those shout the most get heard .Yet this is contrary
to those words from 1Peter,the world is full of brawlers and shouters,often unfortunate I am one of them.Our Saviour is known as the lamb of God,so many of us our Rottweiler's,Think of how much violence is perpetrated every day,the physical violence,but also the violence that comes from the
tongue.That is why those words from 1 Peter challenge me,for I long that
such a spirit would be mine.And yet let us broaden it out to what we read
in Galations,the fruit of the Spirit,''Love ,joy,peace,patience,kindness,
goodness,faithfulness,gentleness and self-control[[Galations 5 v22-23].
Someone was asked which of the fruit of the Spirit they would like,they replied,''all of them''.
                                         A Prayer.
Dear Lord you said people would be know by their fruits,dear Saviour
grant to us all , a greater longing for a life that truly glorifies You.Amen.

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