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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Perfect. [Romans 3 v 10-23 ]

I admire many people,but no matter how much I admire them ,I know that they are not perfect.A  well known couple in the film industry,were considered the perfect couple,then the reality broke in and we are told they are going to get divorced.A famous athlete,admired by many is reported in the papers,for his infidelities,yet while pointing out these things we are conscious of our own imperfections.Lets be very clear the people that we set up as idols,are not ,nor ever will be perfect.Be they politicians,royalty,
entertainers,popes,priests,and so on,and so on,the fact is ,we are all imperfect.Let us carry that a bit further,we are all sinners,that does not mean
that we never do anything that is right,no many people do a lot of good.
Entertainers bless us,be it on the stage,movies,hospitals are filled with kind nurses,doctors,many people raise money for charity,people write books that we all enjoy.So we could go on but no one can escape the truth that we are all sinners,whatever good we may do,commendable though it be,we come short in a big way of Gods glory.Let us not be blind to this reality,and turn
to God for mercy and forgiveness,and trust Jesus the only person who ever lived who was perfect,and the only one that can save us.
                                             A  prayer.
Dear God open all our eyes to the reality that we are sinners,and need to be saved,by trusting Jesus Amen

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