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Monday, 5 September 2016

Hope. [ 1 Corinthians 15 v19- 22]

In Colossians 1v27,  we read these profound words,''Christ in you the hope of glory''. Dick Lucas,writes the following,''The greatest gift of Christ in the present is hope for the future. Since Christ is in heaven our hopes are inevitably cantered there.For this life ,grace is sufficient,Glory[Paul'second blessing]belonged to the age to come''The fact is if we do not  know Christ as Saviour we do not have hope,and if we no have hope we are left with what?so it does us well to think about eternal things,The hope the Christian has, is a sure and certain hope,for it is a hope built upon Christ the solid rock.The old hymn tells us all other hope is but sinking sands,it relates to those things that are temporal.The rich flaunt their riches,but the fact is,they may loose them,and they most diffidently will  leave them.Everything relating to this life cannot be perminate.will not last,no amount of wishing,
can alter that fact. Things die, plants,planets,and us,but there is one who came who died,but defeated death when He rose from the dead, He looked upon death ,which the Bible depicts as an enemy,and He said I will defeat that enemy and He did,his name is Jesus,the only true hope for mankind.

                          Abide with me,fast falls the eventide;
                          The darkness deepens;Lord wth me abide;
                          When other helpers fail,and comforts flee,
                           Help of the helpless ,O abide with me.

                           I fear no foe,with Thee at hand to bless;
                           I'II have no weight,and tears no bitterness;
                           Where is death's sting,? where grave ,thy victory?
                           I triumph still, if Thou abide with me.

                            Keep Thou Thy Cross before my closing eyes,
                            Shine through the gloom,and point me to the skies;
                            Heaven's morning breaks,and earth's vain shadows flee
                            In life ,in death,O Lord ,abide with me.
                                          [Words by H.F.Lyte]

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