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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Half full,half empty. [Romams 8]

We are told that an optimist is one who looks at a half filled class and sees it as half full,the pessimist looks at the same glass and he sees it as half empty.The fact of the matter is ,life is both a half empty class,and a half full class and we have to drink of both during our earthly pilgrimage,whither we are a pessimist or optimist.Most us can cope with the half full glass,holidays, sunny days,but life has its cold winter days,and holidays enjoyable though they be,will not remove life with its grim realities.There is so much suffering in this world,yes there is much that is good and nice,but the pictures of those who are suffering hunger war etc,remind us that we live in a fallen world.None of us are allowed to escape that reality,we may try,but we cannot succeed.Thankfully there is greater reality,which one cannot see with the naked eye,it can only be seen with the eye of faith.When
that happens then we have hope ,in spite of situations being hopeless,we have a future that is secure in an insecure world.This will all come about when we embrace Christ  as our Saviour,and follow Him.
                                        A prayer.
Dear God we praise that in Christ your Son we can find hope and purpose
Amen .

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