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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Soften my heart. [ 1 Corinthians 13]

I had heard on the radio about an earthquake in the lovely country of Italy,I have spent a couple of holidays in Italy.The day after I heard the news item I bought a news paper,and the cover photo showed  the awful devastation,
and I found myself saying I forgot to pray that morning for those affected by the earthquake.I showed the newspaper picture to someone,and got a very limited response,and I wonder are we becoming indifferent,to those tragedies we see daily on the news.I know we hear continually so many
awful things ,every day we hear of suicide bombers,of people dying in drowning accidents,car accidents,of people with cancer,and so we can go on
Be that as it may may ,I do hope that we will guard our hearts,from turning off from the suffering of others,that as we watch the news we whisper a prayer.Let us broaden this out,everyday we rub shoulders with many people
who are unsaved,Let us remember we will all die,but we will not all be going to heaven,let us never forget,peoples spiritual need,that can only be
met by Jesus.
                               Soften my heart Lord,soften my heart.
                               From all indifference,set me apart,
                               to feel your compassion,to weep with your tears,
                               Come soften my heart, O Lord,
                               Soften my heart.
                                     [Words by G  Kendrick]

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