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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Accepting Gods will. [Romans 12v1 - 2 ]

Accepting the will of God, our Saviour prayed,Father,if you are willing take
this cup from me,yet not my will,but yours be done.[Luke 22 42]There are times in which we like Jesus will be faced with experiences we would rather not go through.No matter what it may be ,Jesus was not refusing Gods will
,but He was finding it hard ,and who can blame  Him . Only He knew the full extent of  what  He was going to face , and knew  just how much his death meant .Jesus had to die , if He  didn't die then  we would all suffer eternal death.Can we pray what Jesus prayed? , yes we can , but if we do , will we be willing  to accept Gods answer? , Jesus did , Are we prepared for the answer He gives ,are we prepared to accept God's will ? . He may heal
but  He may not ,He may deliver but  He may not ,Are we unreservedly 
willing to accept Gods will ? , you may be reading this at a  time of crises
well it is only acceptance of Gods will ,that will bring peace . and blessing .
                                          A  prayer .
Dear God help us accept your will , even it is a no,or a yes , a go or a stay
in Jesus name Amen                                                                                                                        

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