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Sunday, 28 August 2016

How big is your God.? [ Psalm 121 ]

Selwyn Hughes on his  devotional on the book of Amos ,write,''The prophet never lets the people off the 'theological hook' for one moment. He will not
allow them for a second to domesticate God by reducing Him to human dimensions''Now Israel lived among nations who had their own gods.many worshipped local deities.As we read the scriptures we are continually reminded of the greatness of God,in Genesis we are told the He created all
things,one of the most wonderful chapters is Isaiah 40,written to His people
who were feeling weak and insignificant,The Psalmist prays to the Lord who made heaven and earth[Psalm 121v1],and Job is silenced when he is reminded that he is speaking to the one who is almighty[Job 40 v1]We are earth bound creatures,but we have a God who is bigger than planet earth.
Most nights I go into my garden and look up into the heavens,although I can only see a few stars I am reminded afresh of the greatness and glory of God,who is my God and yours.His wisdom is infinite,his knowledge is
total,His power is awesome,His ways are unfathomable.
                                      A  prayer.
Dear God we worship You,we who are finite worship you our infinite God ,and rejoice in your mercy and love in Jesus Amen

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