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Monday, 22 February 2016

The old paths [ Jeremiah 6 v16]

I heard an old Chinese,which goes,/Reverence the laws of Heaven,and the laws of the ancestor's/.I hope I got that right,but these word struck me,from a Christian point of view.Consider the society we live in there is much that's good in it,but there is much that's not so good.We have lost all reverence for the laws of heaven,and what our ancestors built we have torn down.When I was young ,to some degree there was a reverence for the laws of heaven,I am not sure what we thought of our ancestors.People have so much now,and yet in other ways they have so little,we live godless pagan society,were sex has become a god,pleasure has become a god,money has become a god.Many of our ancestors were godly people,who sought to live according to heavens laws. We have gained much,but lost much,we have sought much knowledge but are ignorant as to the reality of God, and it shows.The great prophet Jeremiah lived to a degree in similar times,he was called by God to challenge the people of his day as to sin,and its consequences,just like people now they had forsaken God,[Jer 2 v13]. So here is what he told them,/Thus saith the Lord,Stand ye in the ways,and see ,and ask  for the old paths,where is the good way and walk therein,and ye shall find rest for your souls.But they said,we will not walk therein/[Jer 6 v16] The result was absolutely awful,and tragic,as it will be for this nation and for all,who  like Israel .ignore Heaven,and the God of heaven.
                                          A prayer.
Dear God and Father,turn our nations back to Thyself ,before it becomes
to late ,in Jesus name Amen.

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