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Friday, 12 February 2016

Dark clouds. [Genesis 50 v20 ]

William Cowper was a wonderful poet and hymn writer,he wrote one of the most meaningful hymns ever written,/God moves in a mysterious way,His
wonders to perform/.What depth of meaning there are in words of that hymn,reminding us that in the words of Romans 11 v33,/How unsearchable are Gods judgments and His ways past finding out/. There are times I look up at the dark clouds gathering and I am reminded,of the 3rd verse of that hymn, ''Ye fearful saints fresh courage take,the clouds ye so much dread,are
big with mercy and shall break,in blessings on your head''. Yes let not  fear rule our lives,remember the words of Joseph to his brothers,those brothers
who had hated him,had tried to destroy him.Joseph said, ''But as for you,ye thought  evil against me,but God meant it unto good'' Let us take heart at
Josephs words,the evil people would cause us,God can work it for our good.
So take courage child of God,He will cause those dark clouds in your life ,to shower you with His blessings,as He did with Joseph.
                      And we know that all things work together
                      for good to them that love  God,to them who
                      are the called ,according to His purpose.
                                     Romans 8 v28.
    [I will return to my blog on Monday 15th,  every blessing ]

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