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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Inperfect persevering. [ Jude v 24-25 ]

We often judge dear old Peter for his weakness,in denying his Lord,of  his
rebuking the Lord[Matthew 16v22],of his lack of  faith or should we say his loss of faith[Matthew 14 v31],for his error .[Galations2 v 11]So there we have Peter one of the disciples,one of the apostles,yet still a weak fallible human being. I have a book,called ,Dangerous journey,the story of Pilgrim's  Progress,written by John Bunyan. Although it was written a long time ago,we can still learn valuable lessons from it.It is about a man called Christian,and his journey to Heaven.On that journey he does not always keep to Gods narrow way,but by Gods grace,he recovers and keeps on going,and finally reaches,Heaven.Peter,you and I ,who know Christ, are on a very dangerous journey, we will not always be obedient,faithful,loving,or consistent in our journey to heaven.Yet in spite of this we need not despair,for all his faults and failings,Peter is in heaven,when he denied his Lord , I believe he repented,and went on [Mark 14 v72],and was restored[John 21] We often hear people speak of Gods love being unconditional,and it is,if you have failed,reach out to him,tell Him, you are sorry,He will lift you up,and help you to stand,and grant you grace  to go on.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God forgave us all our failings,and in your mercy help us  to continue following our Saviour ,in whose name we ask this. Amen

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