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Monday, 29 February 2016

Addictions [Hebrews7 v25 ]

Ten surprising addictions ,read the headline,among them is shopping,to me there is nothing  surprising about that.Next we have sugar again I am not surprised ,next video games,again no surprise.Of course addictions like,tanning,lip balm,and a few others,[I have been found out]and so it goes on.Are you addicted to anything,am I ?, Im sure I must be,recently I have been drinking more coffee,but I put single cream in it,I wonder, am I becoming addicted to this drink?.One thing I do know that mankind are prone to a mulitude of addictions,the list is endless,some our harmless.But being addicted to violence,sex, and other such addictions,is not harmless.
they can destroy peoples lives. When you have an addiction then you are under its control,where it leads you must follow.The cry of your heart is
very simple,I want to be free,So let me say this, it is possible,more than
possible,for Jesus did not only forgive,but to set people free. There is an old hymn which goes,/Would you be free from your burden of sin?, there is power in the blood,power in the blood,Would you o'er evil a victory win?
There's wonderful power in the blood/.Whats is this, have to do with addiction?,everything,when we are cleansed from our sin,we also can be totally free,simply by confessing your addiction , asking Jesus to save you and to set you free,for He saves to the uttermost[Hebrews 7 v25]
                                           A prayer.
Dear God of people we ask for those who are addicted,set them free ,have mercy in Jesus name Amen.

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