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Monday, 1 February 2016

Poor in spirit. [ Luke 18 v10ff]

Now let us consider the first blessed,Blessed are the poor in spirit , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.[Matthew 5 v3]Now our Saviour is not saying blessed are the poor,but the poor in spirit,in Luke 6 v20,our Saviour said ,blessed are you  poor,He does not mention in spirit,so what does He
mean?. D.M.Jones writes,/The Bible nowhere teaches that poverty is a good
thing.The poor man is no nearer heaven than the rich man,speaking of them
as natural men.Our Lord was even there speaking of poor as meaning not
possessed by the worldly spirit,poor in the sense if you like,that you not rely on riches/ A person once said to me that I was poor,but I did not feel poor,for I was relying on my Heavenly Father,who would supply my needs.
Blessed are the poor in spirit ,for theirs is the kingdom of God,these words are best understood in the story Jesus told in Luke 18v 10 ff,about two men who went up to the temple to pray,one was very religious,the other considered a sinful person.The religious person prayed  about himself,how better he was than others,the other man stood at a distance,he would not even look up to heaven,he beat his breast ,and said God,have mercy upon me a sinner.Our Saviour that man was accepted by God,you see he was poor in spirit,and so was blessed.
                                 Just as I am without one plea,,
                                 but that Thy blood was shed for me,
                                 and that Thou bidd'st me come to Thee,
                                 O Lamb of God I come.

                                Just as I am,poor,wretched blind,
                                sight,riches ,healing of the mind,
                                yea,all I need,in Thee to find,
                               O Lamb of God I come.

                                Just as I am,Thou wilt receive,
                               wilt welcome pardon,cleanse,relieve,
                               because Thy promise I believe,
                               O Lamb of God I come
                                     [Words by Charlotte Elliiott]

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