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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Our God reigns [ Psalm 46 ]

It is very disturbing as one hears and reads of the Zika virus that is spreading,across the Americas,caused by people bitten by a certain mosquito.The consequences for pregnant women's unborn children,that they are born with brain defects is a very is very frightening prospect for many people.Recently we had the disease in Africa,which thankfully has been brought control ,then the spread of Aids,which has killed many people. Yes
there are so many dangers in life,disease,violence,accidents,earthquakes,and
so many other things.These things remind us that we live in a fallen world,
,nature is not a tamed beast,the scientific world promise much but death
will always stalk this world.In spite of the advances mankind  will never get back to paradise which we lost[Genesis 2-3].Proud scientist and their disciples want to burn at the stake those who dare to mention that God created this world,and the false religions rail against the Son of God.
Child of God ,fear not,why?, because, the Lord our God Almighty reigns
,yes He the sovereign God reigns,Hallelujah, [Revelation 19 v6].
                                        A  prayer.
Dear God whatever awful things we are hearing about,help us not to fear,whatever trials we are experiencing ,help us to trust in you,we  know
that whatever comes into our lives,our times are in your hands ,in Jesus name we ask this Amen.

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