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Friday, 26 February 2016

Original sin. [ Romans 5 v12]

He has no excuse,she retorts......He is healthy.He is white.He is rich,He is well born.well educated.He has grace,....He is at ease with the world.
He is amusing. Confident. Yet he destroys it.What is missing in him?.....
How does he come to be like this?.He was not dragged up in the back
streets. He is blessed/So reads the words out of a popular novel,the lady
is puzzled,as to why a person with all his privileges,could do such terrible things.Why did king Henry of England murder three of his wises?.Why did
king David steal another mans wife and then have that man put to death?
What did that same man mean when in his prayer of repentance , he prayed,
/For I was born a sinner,yes,from the moment my mother conceived me/[Psalm51v5] ?.Well it is called original sin,there is a natural depravity in all
of us,that no amount of privilege,education,wealth can eradicate it.J Calvin
declared,/David confesses that he brought nothing but sin into the world,and
that his nature was entirely depraved/.Extreme words but sin is very extreme,wherever it  is manifested,in a palace, or in a hovel.So God devised a extreme remedy,His Son would die on a cross,,that death would bring in hope,for all who put their faith in Him.
                                                   A prayer.
Dear God thank you for providing an answer for our sinful nature,in Jesus Christ your son Amen

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