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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Are you saved?. [ Romans 10 v13 ]

Are you saved?,saved from what,?if  I was to ask you the question,what would you say?, would you consider me a religious fanatic?. Well first of all let me say that being saved is a biblical term,it is not something dreamed up by some cult.It is term used by Jesus as to why He came,when Joseph
was told that Mary was going to have a child,he was told to name the child Jesus,for he shall save his people from their sins[Matthew1 v 21].Now let us ask the question in light of those words,has He saved you from your sins?. Can you say with hand on heart that He is your Saviour?,that you have been saved from your sins?.Are you blind and think that you have no need of a Saviour?there is an old saying that there are none so blind as do want to see.
Is your every thought pure?,is your every word free from lying,swearing,
and hurtful .Are you enslaved by drink ,gambling,sex,pride,violence and a multitude of other things.Jesus said that He had not come to destroy lives
but to save them[Luke v10 ].Is your life being destroyed by sin,is your life in ruins,hear the word of the Lord to you,/Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
and thou shalt be saved[Acts 16 v31].
                                    A  prayer.
                      Out of my bondage,sorrow and night,
                      Jesus, I come. Jesus I come,
                      Into Thy freedom,gladness and light,
                      Jesus,I come  to Thee.
                       Out of my sin and into Thyself,
                       Jesus, I come to Thee.
                       [Words by W.T. Sleeper]

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