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Friday, 19 February 2016

I am upper class. [ Isaiah 55 v 6-7 ]

You will never be any good,you will never amount to anything,how many people have been told this,even by their parents.Many nationalities have been looked upon as worthless,the English at one time despised the Irish,the white people despised the black people, India  have their untouchables.
So often people are labelled so that they end up despised,I am upper class,I am middle class,and you are working class.Why does humanity always want to create a despised class?because of pride,oh yes they will make up reasons ,Hitler the deceiver,and deceived one,was a being filled with pride.
Unfortunately it is in us all,the Jews took pride in their position,as the chosen people,which lead them to despise the gentiles,and the religious hierarchy despised the common people,and amazingly despised their Messiah,even crucifying Him[Isaiah 53].Such is the sin of pride, it is in us
all,why do we bristle when God tells us we are sinners?,pride. Let not your proud blind heart bring you to everlasting destruction,humble yourself before God,acknowledge your need of Christ and trust Him as your Saviour.
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God our hearts are so full of pride,help us to see the evil and dangers of this sin that clings to us,like a disease,and even blinds us ,causes us to
despise others,and even our desperate need of a Saviour,Amen.

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