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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Are you born again?. [ John 3 v 16 ]

Becoming a Christians and being a Christian involves the Holy Spirit,when we trust Jesus as our Saviour,we are born again by the Spirit of God.The words of our Saviour make it clear in John 3,that we must be born again,this is not an experience ,that we attribute to religious fanatics,for those non conformist,Pentecostals, no it applies to all men everywhere,for high church,or low church,and those of no church.It is for all ,red ,yellow,black and white,it is for royalty, rich, poor, children.When Jesus said that we must be born again,he meant everyone,he meant you and me.Gods children are those who have been born again,by the Spirit of God,we are not connected to God ,other than by, a special relationship.That which is born of the flesh is flesh,but God is Spirit,and it means that there must be  a spiritual birth if we are to have a relationship with Him. Jesus said we cannot enter Gods kingdom,unless we are born again by Gods Spirit.In John 3,we have the key
to being born again, faith in Jesus,and in John 1v12-13we read,/But as many as received Him[Jesus] to them gave he power[authority,privilege,right] to
become the sons[children] of God,even to them that believe in his name.
Which were born,not of blood,nor of the will of the flesh,nor of the will of man,but of God./
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God open our eyes to what Jesus said,that we must be born again,

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