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Monday, 11 February 2013

There is forgiveness. [Psalm 130]

Psalm 130 ,begins,/Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee ,O Lord/ here we have a cry of a person who is his really down, and yet out of that dark experience,he composes a prayer and a song,that would bless multitudes. There are many reasons why a person may feel so distressed,the death of a loved one,persecution,injustice,but in this case it is in relation to his sin,as I consider the laws that are being passed in our Parliament, it could easy drive one to the depths of despair. Yet when I consider my own sin,there is still within me and indeed in all of us,a depth of depravity,I am glad you cannot see my heart. Lockyer wrote,/here in Psalm 130,there is no complaint about others- only about the writer himself- his own sins iniquities and desires/ .Well what can one do when overwhelmed by a sense of one sinfulness?,he reasons with God,v3,/If Thou shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord ,who shall stand?, the answer is no one,the fact is the whole world is full of sinners,and I sometimes wonder why does God not just wipe us all out, like a spoilt dinner on a plate that is only fit to be thrown into the waste bin, yet God doesn't . Why? Because there is forgiveness with Him,that Thou may est be feared, Lockyer ./Thus, Divine forgiveness, called the smile of God, binds the forgiven one to Him in a reverential trust and love/.
A prayer..../ Dear God we praise You that there is, yes, there is forgiveness with You,a holy God, but a forgiving God, and a God who is to be feared,we pray this in Jesus name Amen /

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