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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

We thank You. [ Psalm 100]

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, each day I thank God ,for being able to see, speak, hear, also for taste, and a sound mind, and much more.
We take so much for granted, and sadly to say we only begin to appreciate
these things when they begin to malfunction, or we loose them. All these
things are precious gifts, sadly so many people do not acknowledge the giver of these gifts, yes they are gifts, from God. We are told that every good and perfect gift is from above ,coming down from the Father[James 1 v17]. Consider today the blessing you have, food, clothes, homes, education, and so much more. The old harvest hymn, reminds us that,

                                All good gifts around us,
                                Are sent from heaven above;
                               Then thank the Lord, oh, O thank the Lord,
                                For all His Love.
                                         [Words by, M. Claudius]

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