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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Punishing evil. [ Romans 1v18 ]

Is it wrong to punish wrong doers?, most of us would agree that wrong doers deserve punishment, that is why we have prison's.  Now another question do you  think it is wrong for God to punish people because of their sin?. Well it appears He does, He destroyed the ancient world by sending a massive flood.[  Genesis 7/19 v12ff.  Acts 5 v1-11]Now there are those who have problems accepting, that God punishes sinners. I know there are those
who judge Israel for destroying the inhabitants of the promise land, we read about this in Joshua. They equate what they did as genocide , so they liken it unto Hitler and his destruction of Jews, or what happened in Rwanda. But
the fact is Israel acted on Gods command, it was not something they thought
up themselves .[CP Joshua 6 ]Why God had Israel destroy the inhabitants of
Canaan was a long delayed judgement foretold by God to Abraham [Genesis 15 v16].Many years would pass before this judgement would take place. Instead of repenting of their evil they grew more and more sinful. and so judgement fell.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God forgive us for judging You and your righteous judgments in Jesus name Amen.

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