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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Punishing evil.. [ Luke 23 v 39-43 ]

Let us continue to look at the subject, of God punishing evil, we highlighted
 the Israelites actions towards the inhabitants of the promise land. God used
Israel as His instrument to bring His judgment on those inhabitants. He uses
whatever He wants as His instrument, to punishment, whoever He wills. He used water, fire, sickness, and people to bring judgment upon those whom he wills. It appears that judgement can be avoided if only people genuinely
repent and seek His forgiveness,[ Jonah 3 v10].The case of King Manasseh
is a wonderful example of a very ,very wicked king, whom God dealt with, by having him taken captive, taken to Assyria with a ring in his nose, bound by bronze  chains. In his captivity he turned to God and humbled himself, the result God forgive him and restored him as King[ 2 chronicles 33 v1-17]
Yes God will punish sin, but He will also forgive the sinner, no matter how evil they have been ,if they but turn and seek forgiveness. We must never take forgiveness for granted, a man called Heinrich Heine said,'' God will forgive me, that's His business'', that is His business, but it must never be taken for granted, never. There must be a genuine seeking of God ,a godly repentence, we are not playing trivial pursuit.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God we thank You that there is forgiveness when we ask Jesus, to save us ,when we sincerely, and humbly come to You Amen.
in Jesus name Amen

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