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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Healing. [ Acts v 29- 30 ]

A friend of mine is setting up a healing ministry, what does that entail?, he
shared with me how it would work, people would be vetted, those who come to be prayed for would be advised to continue taken their medication.
It appears often when praying for the sick, one has to proceed with care. people are so vulnerable. I knew a man who sought for healing, believed he
had been healed and he wasn't,. He continued to drive his car, and had a couple of accidents, mercifully the Lord did take him home. There are preachers who teach that one should claim healing even though it has not happened, claim it in faith. That is what that dear man did, stopped taking
his medication, now of course God may give you a word ,promising healing,if it is from God it will happen. No one can guarantee that one will be healed, but it does happen in response to prayer and faith. Yet for many it does not happen, but them the vital thing is the will of God, this is not
a cope out, but a reality, that we need grasp. Elisha the great man of faith died of an illness,[2 Kings 13 v14 ],we will all die eventually, but God may
for His glory ,heal, and so prolong a life, He may not. The age of miracles is not passed, healing can still happen, we cannot force, or blackmail God to make it happen, but let me say it can happen.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God we ask for wisdom in discerning Your will in all things, we think of many people who are ill, may it please You to heal the sick, for the glory of  Jesus we ask this Amen.

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