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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Anger. [ Colossians 3 v 8 ]

I read this today,'' Anger doesn't help'', the fact is anger is often wrong, and very destructive. There was an old movie ,called,'' Look back in anger'',well
I can look back and see so many times I was angry. Now Jesus was angry, but it was righteous anger[CP Mark 3 v1-6],I wish I could say that the many times I have been angry was righteous anger, I get angry at some things, the
injustice that people perpetrate on others, the weak the vulnerable. I am not going to confess to you those outbursts of anger that I have shown, but I do know that often it was not right, and I had to seek forgiveness. In Ephesians
4 v26 -27,we read,'' In your anger do not sin, Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold''. Yes we all
feel anger at times,but the danger is, where will it lead us?, and our enemy can use it to cause us much harm. Many people are doing many things ,
wrong things, because they are not only angry, but out of control. Out of control anger can easily destroy, can easily ruin us, If we are prone to angry outbursts, and out of control,then we must seek God to help us, to change,
for the truth is ,anger doesn't help.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear Lord help us as regards our anger, help us not to make excuses, but to face up to the wrong, that comes from our anger, and grant us grace to repent, grace to change and be like our Saviour, who when they hurled insults at Him, He did not retaliate,when He suffered, He made no threats
Instead  He intrusted Himself to Him that judges justly,Amen

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