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Monday, 30 January 2017

Angels of light [ 2 John v 7]

Next we come to a young slave girl, who was demon possessed, we read about demon possession, but many of us are not sure  how to approach it.
But let  us accept that it can be a reality, we can say a lot about Satan, he is called the god of this world, or of this age[ 2 Corinthians 4 v4],our Saviour called him the prince of this world[John 12 v31 ] He and his forces are
powerful, as in the case of this slave girl in Phillippi,he possessed her,and
controlled her [ Acts 16 v16],she was a fortune teller, and made a lot of money for her owners. But as Paul and Silas were going to the place of
prayer ,she followed them, shouting,'' These men are servants of the most
High God, are telling you the way to be saved''. She continued to do this day after day, this grieved Paul, and in the name of  Jesus commanded
the evil spirit to leave her[16 V18],which it did. Now what she had cried out
was right,but Paul knew ,it might be said that he was in alliance with her.
Like Paul we must be clear in our stand for truth, and not have alliances with those who are not true followers of Christ. I have read Mormon literature that appears to be Christian, but a Mormon is not a Christian, remember the Bible tells us that Satan can come to us as an angel of light [2 Corinthians 11 v14].That great theologian Hodge said this,'' Satan does  not come to us as Satan; neither does sin present itself as sin, but in the guise of virtue; and the teachers of error set themselves forth as the special advocates of truth''.
                                          A  prayer.
Dear God deliver us from false religion, no matter how it appears, help us  to stand for your truth even if we have to stand alone for our Saviours
sake, we pray this Amen.

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