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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

His will.[ Luke 22 v 41-42 ]

I have started studying the book of Philippians, written by Paul to those early converts. We read how the church came into being in Acts 16,Paul and his companions ,were kept from going into Asia, we do not know what that involved. We all need help to discern Gods will, to accept the closed doors, as part of his will, that does not mean that God has no work for us to  do, God knows what he wants us to do, God was not finished with Paul, no he was just redirecting him. Sometimes it is very hard for us to accept this, we are a bit like that so called prophet Balaam,who sought to go his way and not Gods. he tried and he tried to press on, and all the time, God was saying no. In the end God used a donkey to speak to him. The problem with Balaam was, his mind was set on other things, rather than the will of God, [cp 2 Peter 2 v15].It seems he succumbed to earthly rewards, and paid the price, by being put to death[Joshua 13 v22]. There are preachers and they are following the pound signs, as to were they serve God ,the question one would ask, who and what are they serving, Jesus said we cannot serve God and money[Matthew 6 v24].What was vital in our Saviours life was the will of His Father in heaven, and that should be ours.
                                           A prayer.
Dear God help us to discern what your will is, and what is not your will
in Jesus name Amen.

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