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Monday, 9 January 2017

It is impossible.[ Matthew 16 v 18]

I recently saw a movie called ,''Silence'', I did not realise what it was about,
but when I viewed it, I discovered it was about a moment in time when Christianity  was introduced into Japan. Many professed to be Christians. But the powers that be ,sought to eradicate it, which to some extent they did, with much cruelty. I was sharing this with one of my sons, and he said that their is a museum in Japan, which has a collection of  Samurai swords,
it was discovered that a number of them had, Christian symbols on them. It
reminded me of the times that Elijah the prophet lived, when a weak king
reigned, who had a wife called Jezebel. She was a heathen ,did not believe in Israels God. Not only did she not believe in God, she had many of Gods servants killed. The situation was so bad that Elijah the prophet thought that he was the only one left.[ 1Kings 19v10],but it was not so, God told him that there were seven thousand who were still faithful followers of God.[  v18 ] The history of Gods church ,from beginning to this present time, has been that of persecution, but no matter how the powers that be, try as they may, they will never be able to eradicate Christs Church.
                                        A prayer.
Dear God we bring before You, those countries where persecution of your people is taking place. Help your dear people not to despair, to be faithful
yes even unto death, in Jesus our Saviours name we ask this Amen.

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