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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Ought . [ Matthew 7 v 24-27 ]

Now let us consider the last ought, that Derek Tidball, challenges us with,
''Christians ought to feast themselves on the nutritious food of truth instead
of on the seductive food of compromise that it is often mistaken for it''.In
Psalm 119 v 26/27/28/30.the writer prays, first,'' Teach me your decrees'' have we a desire to be taught Gods word?, I must confess my memory of school ,was, I was not easy to teach, Lord make us to be teachable, when it comes to your word. Next we read,'' Let me understand the teaching of your precepts,'' important though it is to read Gods word ,understanding it is vital. Next we read,'' Strengthen me according to your word'', The word of God can strengthen us, in our sorrows, disappointments, and difficulties.
Last but not least, he prays,'' I have chosen the way of truth''. We need to do this, to make a diffident choice, to stand on God word, no matter what anyone else does, follow Him who is truth, even Jesus, these are the things we ought to do.
                                      A  prayer.
Dear God grant us grace to do those things we ought to do, in Jesus name Amen.

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