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Friday, 20 January 2017

Prisoners of our past.[ Genesis 50 v15-21 ]

The Pastor of the church I attend had ask for people to share something that had touched their lives, a book, a song, whatever. So I brought a book on the  life of Eric Liddell, but just as I got up, the Pastor said that he was a big fan of U2, and how Bonar, had been born into a mixed religious family, one a Catholic, and one a Protestant. The Pastor mentioned a song that was full of desire, for peace in Ireland. Then I was asked to come up to share, well when I did, I felt led to mention Ireland, I said Ireland like people
was a prisoner of its past history. We all of course have a history, but the question is this, how has it affected us?, are we prisoners of it?, it is so easy to become a prisoner of that past. I read of a young man in the Bible called Joseph, he was hated by his brothers, they wanted him dead. They did not kill him but sold him into slavery, there he was unjustly accused of rape, and imprisoned for 13 years. Eventually he was released and promoted to a positioned of great power, and eventually he came face to face, with ,yes you've guessed, his wicked brothers, and you know what he could have done?, instead he forgave them. In doing that he was making a declaration, that he was not going to be a prisoner of his  past.[Read about it
in Genesis 37/ 39-50.]

                 Why not ask God ,as to how you may
                  break free ,from being a prisoner of
                  your past.

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