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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Free at last [John 8 v36]

Whatever one may think about demon possession and of course it is real, and it was real for that slave girl in Philippi ,[Acts 16 v16-18 ]but we must be careful to not become unbalanced . Every soul needs to be forgiven and set free, because as Jesus said,'' everyone who sins is a slave of sin''[John 8 v34].While being possessed by an evil spirit is awful, we must see the awful bondage of all mankind. A bondage to so many things, pride, sex possessions, drugs, idolatry of all  sorts, envy, hate, filthily mind, filthy language, covertness, need I go on. The wonderful thing about Jesus when we trust him as our Saviour, He forgives us all our sins, I stress all, no matter what sins we have committed, Jesus will forgive us. But it does not stop there, for he tells us,'' if the Son [Jesus] sets you free you shall be free indeed.[John 8 v36].Now that's a wonderful reality , that millions upon millions have and are experiencing, and so can you.
                                            A  prayer.
                            Out of my bondage sorrow and night,
                            Jesus I come, Jesus I come.
                            Into Thy freedom, gladness and light,
                            Jesus I come to Thee.
                           [Words  W.T.Sleeper]

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