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Thursday, 5 November 2015

What translation ? [ Psalm 119 v11 ]

I love  the Authorised Version of the Bible,it has served Gods people well,yet I do feel it obscures the truth at times.Now that is not the AV's fault, but the fact that it was written and translated during the reign of King James ,over 400 years ago.I have a anniversary version and many of the words are spelt differently ,the word book is spelt booke,this is just one example.Now I understand peoples concern as regards the word of God anything that may appear to undermine  Gods word.Yet the fact remains that the word of God must be readable to the people of now.Now having said that I do not want to discourage you if you just use the AV,as I said I love the AV and thank God for it.J.I.Packer writes,/Some people people feel swamped by so many new versions,and by a natural if irrational reaction are resolved to trust none of them,but stick to the King James version of 1611/.He suggests we should use a number of versions , he includes the AV,
among them,this is what I personally do.I am driven by a desire to understand Gods word,I have read the whole Bible countless of times,but it goes deeper than that,commendable though that may be,to understand Gods
truth is vital.Jesus spoke to people who treasured Gods word but failed to
understand what they read [John 3 v 10]. Whatever translation we may use
may we read it regularly,memorise it,seek to understand it,believe it,and live it.
                                         A prayer.
Dear God we thank you for your word,that reveals Jesus to us,and instructs
us in righteousness,in Jesus name Amen .

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