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Monday, 9 November 2015

Are we really sinners? [ Romans 3 v23. 6 v23]

A report claims that in America that goods worth 13 Billion dollars are stolen from shops every yea,13Billion dollars is a lot of money, this is carried out by shop lifters. The commandments tell us not to steal,but then who is listening one may ask?.I wonder how many people are committing adultery,how many are cheating on their tax returns,how many are being violent,how many are abusing others.Are Americans any worse that the British,or the Germans?, think of the awful Volkswagen scandal,or North Korea's cruelty to its own population.I  could go on pointing out nations sinful tendencies,as with nations so it is with individuals, consider our thought life,how easy it is to think sinful thoughts,our Saviour ,said adulterous thoughts are the  same as the deed,both are sins.[Matthew 5 v27-28] How is our thought  life?,what about the sins of the tongue,the unclean words ,hurtful words,the gossip we engage in,peoples character we have slain with our words.Need I go on?,well  I could, but all I will say ,Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,that means you,and it means me,in fact it means everybody.
                                      A prayer.
Dear God our sins are many,but through Jesus they can be forgiven,Amen

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