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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Persistence and boldness. [ Luke 11 v5 - 13]

In Luke 11v9-13,our Lord speaks about prayer,he tells a parable ,not all
parables are difficult to understand,some were,and of course there was reason for that CPMark 4v10-12.One the lessons in the passage in Luke ,
which Jesus illustrates is to have holy boldness, and persistence in our prayer life,to not give up.The parable tells of a man who needed something,
and even though it was the middle of the nights,he goes to his friend ,and asks for help,which he eventually receives.Many people do not persist in their prayer life,and so fail to receive an answer.In v9, we have three words used by our Saviour,ask,seek and knock,the emphasises is to keep on asking,keep on seeking,keep on knocking.The result will be, God will answer,prayer is not for the faint hearted,Jesus said that we should always pray and not give up[Luke 18v1ff],again that passage stresses the boldness and persistence,that is rewarded.L .Morris ,writes the following,/Jesus does not say,and does not mean that, if we pray,we shall get exactly what we ask for.After all,'No' is just as definite an answer as 'Yes'.He is saying that true prayer is neither unheard nor unheeded,it is always answered in the way God sees best/
                                          A  prayer.
Dear loving Father teach us how to pray,to not give up,and yet to accept
that your answer is best inJesus name Amen .

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