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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Oppression.[ Ephesians 2 v1ff]

The 20th century was a sad time for many people,take Poland ,UK and France went to war when the Nazies invaded  poland,Russia was involved. Under the Nazies the nation experienced great oppression, many non Jews ,suffered greatly.But instead of getting their freedom when the Nazies were defeated, they exchanged one oppressor for another.Now of course Poland had no choice,but that cannot be said of many people.People do have a choice,but unfortunately they make wrong choices. The Bible history of Israel was of a nation who at times sought to clean up their act,
but they never let the Lord take over in their personal lives,or in the nations
life.The result was the latter state of the nation was worse than ever,and so all they did was to exchange one oppressor for another.If one has an addiction one may try to overcome it,but self effort, cannot deal with the empty void , addiction leaves.It was our Saviour who spoke to a thirsty
woman who was drawing water from a well,[ John 4] ,and told her clearly that the secret of satisfaction and freedom was receiving Jesus into her life[v14]Reform does not bring freedom from oppression,only Christ can, if the Son therefore makes you free,ye shall be free indeed[John 8 v 36]
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God in a world  oppressed by one thing or another,we ask that you may open their eyes and hearts,and accept Jesus who alone can set them truly free,Amen.

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