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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Heaven rejoices [Luke 15 ]

 I do love hearing or reading something that makes me laugh.I even try to make jokes up,though I think I better keep my day job,even though I am retired.Do we have any jokes in the Bible?,I cannot think of any,yet the Bible speaks of joy,and happiness,of rejoicing,I wonder what are the things that gave you joy, happiness, or what causes you to rejoice?.Well in Luke 15 ,we read how our Saviour was surrounded by people whom the society at that time considered sinners.Watching were the strict religious people a called  Pharisees ,who would not be seen dead talking to those sort of people. Their reaction was, they muttered,among themselves,saying this man welcomes sinners,and eats with them.Now to eat with such people was consider an act of acceptance,and that would never do for the Pharisees.So Jesus very patiently tells three stories short stories,about a sheep ,a coin,and wayward son,that  got lost,and then was found. Jesus explained that when the worst in society be they a family member ,or whoever turns to God for forgiveness,then heaven itself rejoices.The fact is this ,Jesus died for sinners,and when one turns to Him for salvation,heaven itself rejoices,it makes heaven happy.
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God we thank you for sending Jesus to seek and to save the lost,
and when  they are saved heaven itself rejoices ,Amen .

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