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Monday, 2 November 2015

Grace [ Ephesians 2 v8- 10]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor ,he also was a lecturer in Berlin.
he opposed Nazi's.He made a broadcast which  he used to speak against  Hitler,but he was cut of before he finished it.He joined the resistance movement,and was involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler,he was arrested,and was executed shortly before the defeat of Germany.He
believed different things like a religionless Christianity,and that we see Christ as Lord of the religionless.I have heard Christians saying that as Christians we are not religious.He also  wrote a book called,/Cost of discipleship/,where he distinguished between,cheap and costly grace. One
has rightly pointed out that his concept of cheap grace was at odds with Luthers doctrine of Justifcation by faith.I believe Bonhoeffer was seeking to
counter the error, that because we are saved by grace alone, we can live whatever way we like. The fact of the matter , grace should not be turned into a work salvation,grace saves us,works should follow as an evidence of our salvation.It cost God everything to save us,it cost us nothing,yet love so
amazing, so divine demands my soul my life my all.
                                        A   prayer.
Dear God,we worship you the God of all grace,we acknowledge that we are
saved by your grace,and we ask for grace to follow our Saviour your son Jesus Amen.

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