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Thursday, 5 November 2015

No grounds for hope. [Romans 4 v- 18 ff / 5v1]

Although it is early November,the shops are selling Christmas cards,the garden centres are like winter wonder lands.My wife and I spent a day buying Christmas presents.The buying Christmas presents is a big challenge
,because we have a large family.Most of the organising for Christmas falls upon my wife,I must confess if I had to do it I would find it very hard,wives are wonderful in the way they can do so much more than us husbands.
Although Christmas is for many, a secular event,it somehow touches people
so causing them to be more generous,and kind to people,and  one  prays that the true meaning of Christian will be discovered,often it appears a vain hope. Yet I am reminded of the words written about Abraham, that against
hope believed in hope[Romans 4 v18],let us not despair,as to the lost,let us not loose hope.John Calvin comments on those words in Roman 4 v18,puts it like this,/ The meaning is when Abraham had no grounds for hope, Abraham still relied in hope on the promise of hope/.Let not hope die in any of us,Jesus said He would build His Church, even at Christmas,remember
the Holy Spirit even at Christmas,can work in the hearts of the lost.
                         How silently, how silently,
                          the wondrous gift is given,
                         So God imparts to human hearts,
                         the blessing of His heaven.
                         No ear may hear His coming;
                         but in this world of sin,
                         where meek souls ,will receive Him,still
                          the dear Christ enters in.
                         [ Words by Phillips Brooks ]

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