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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Amazing [Ephesians 2 1-8]

The other evening I attended a show at a local theator,called Celtic Women,
as you may guess it had an Irish flavour to it.I admire the wonderful gifts that  the performers manifested.One young woman amazed me as she danced around while playing the fiddle.The highlight of the show for me,was when a lone piper walked up the isle,and unto the stage,playing 'Amazing grace,'he was joined by other performers,who sang the words to that wonderful,hymn ,and as I listened,tears started to flow from my eyes. I was reminded of a  woman in Luke 7v37-50,who came to were Jesus was,and washed his feet with her tears.Why ?,because she experienced the forgiveness of all her sins.Like that dear person,I shed tears for the Christ who touched my life with his amazing saving grace, forgiving me all my sins.
                           Amazing grace ,how sweet the sound,
                            that saved a wretch like me.
                            I once was lost ,but now am found,
                            was blind ,but now I see.
                              [Words by John Newton.]

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