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Friday, 6 November 2015

Intolerance [ Luke 6 v 26-36 ]

As a Christian there are things I will not accept as being right,if I was to voice these things I would be labelled as being intolerant.Yet we are all intolerant to something,we are intolerant to violence within marriage,to smoking,to unsociable behaviour,and to many other things.There is nothing wrong with being intolerant,but I know that there can often be a wrong
intolerance, Religious people can be very intolerant,likewise  political
movements,both groups can manifest a violent intolerance to those who differ from them,beheading,and condemning people to gas chambers. When I declare that there is only one way to God,that is Jesus,because that's what He taught [John14 v6 ] people get offended, and even become intolerant,at
my belief in Jesus,as the way,the truth,and the life,and that no one can come unto the Father,but by Him. As a follower of Jesus the Bible tells me that to simply say I am Christian,can be like waving a red flag,before a bull.It is reckoned that there are 100,000 Christians in concentration camps in a
certain country,we say just for being a Christian,well it often goes with the
territory. Today let us not shy back from declaring that we are Christians,or from telling others about Christ,because we may be considered intolerant.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God help us stand for Jesus,to identify with Him,to be faithful witnesses Amen

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