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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Man the inventer.[ Psalm 106 ]

In the book ,'A  History of Christianity', Diarmond McCullough,he writes
about the Greek gods,'that they were often fickle,petty,partisan,passionate, competitive-in other words,rather like Greeks themselves'.God forbid the making of graven images,of any likeness.but mankind find it hard to break the habit.One of the things that took place at reformation was,images were cleared out of places of worship,I was struck with this when I visited the cathedral in Malta's capital,which was filled with so much,in contrast with the cathedrals in England.The reformers sought to remove all the rubbish that had accumulated over centuries,statues of saints,of Mary,and relics.The places of worship became bare plain buildings,and the emphasise was on Gods word.But men like the Greeks of old still invent gods in their own image,still harp after so much rubbish,and reject the truth of Gods word,because it challenges  then to a relationship of faith in Him who is
invisible.The cry of so many is what must I do to be saved,and when they are told the uncomplicated truth,simply to believe on the Lord Jesus,they turn away.Because like the Gods that the Greeks of old they would prefer
a god ,and a way of salvation ,that  they have invented.
                                         A prayer.
Dear God we thank you that we have your word,and in that word,you have revealed yourself,and how we can be saved ,and how we can be kept from straying from your word,and your dear son Jesus Amen.

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