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Thursday, 8 October 2015

We are family. [ Matthew 25 v 31 ff ]

I was thinking back on those who have had an influence on me in coming to Christ and in my walk with Christ.Sunday school teachers,children speakers
and so many more.The list is very long,even those who ministered in song, those who offered me their friendship,those who wrote Christian books.
Those who financially supported me when at Bible college and at other times, those who have prayed for me and those who still do.For all these and others I raise a prayer of thanksgiven,what would I have done without
them?,I do not know ,but as I say I am grateful for them.In Galations 6v2
we read ,bear ye one another burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ.We need each other as Christians, our support of a fellow Christians,is vital
God wants us to care for one another.Some of the last words that Jesus said was to love one another,in our  churches there are those who are lonely,
those who need financial help ,those who need encouragement,there are
those who are serving God ,they need our support and prayers.In helping in whatever way we can, we are identifying with our Christian family,and in doing so we are fulfilling the law of Christ ,which is love.
                                    A prayer.
Dear God forgive us for our lack of love,help us to love one another in word and in deed , in Jesus name we ask this Amen.

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