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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Forgave me. [ Matthew 18 v23ff]

Recently while on holiday I became angry with my wife,I overreacted,and when the dust subsided,I realised that what I had done was wrong,and I said I was sorry.What I had done was a needy reminder that the old Billy is still around,that no matter how long one is a Christian,there is a continual need
to rely on God. It was interesting that this happened,for I had during our holiday been witnessing to a number of people saw .I believe Satan used this incident to try and hinder my activity, and to discourage me.During
our holiday we attended a fellowship,where the Pastor spoke about forgiveness,and not just saying  sorry. During the service the breaking of bread was held, and I thought on what the Pastor had said,and so I turned to my wife with tears in my eyes ,and said,forgive me. It is right to say ones sorry,but I feel those two words, forgave me,have a deeper meaning to them.I see a twofold result,first the one who asks,is exercising humility and secondly the person who is being asked to forgive,is being asked to respond out of a heart that has been forgiven.[  CP.  Matthew 6 v 12/14-15] Let us
remember the importance of asking forgiveness,and equally the importance
of forgiving those who have wronged us.
                                             A  prayer.
 Dear Heavenly Father as you have in your great mercy forgiven us, help us to forgive others in Jesus name Amen .

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